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Belzona coating of Landia Chopper pump wear components

Belzona coating of Landia Chopper pump wear components


Severn Trent Water have16 Landia chopper pumping assets on the Minworth Bio plant recirculating the digesters. The current annual spend on new Landia pump wear parts are in excess of 100k per annum

Severn Trent Water approached us regarding a trial of applying Belzona coating to the wear components to reduce the amount of spend on purchasing new Landia pump wear components.

Severn Trent free issued new Landia wear components consisting of Front wear plate, Back wear plate and Volute casing, Grit blasted new components to achieve correct surface profile in line with SA2.5 Applied Belzona 1321 Abrasive Resistant coating.


The coated components were installed by Landia Pumps Ltd on a planned service schedule, The coated components were inspected following 3 months in service and coating was still in place.


Morning Darren,

The service and inspection were carried out last week with success. We have saved the parts in-between servicing and they will last until the next service. Doubling the life of the parts!!!

I have spoken to our asset manager (The guy with the money) and we will look to put a plan in next year to release the funding early and have our own coated stock at Landia.

We have until March to sort something, so I am thinking in the new year we have a small meeting and plan how we get rolling stock of coated parts, funding mechanisms, etc between us, you and Landia.

Thank you for your assistance in this. Its great to prove, what may be, a significant cost saving.


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