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Full Pump Refurbishment by Hayley 24/7 Improves Energy Efficiency

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The Situation

The customer, a plastic fabrication company based in Yorkshire, had contacted their local Hayley Group branch, planning to conduct a refurbishment on a pump unit. The job was referred to the industrial pump repair specialists at Hayley 24/7 in Dudley, who agreed to carry out the work.

The Solution

Following the standard strip and inspection being completed at the Dudley workshop, it was determined that the pump's internal clearances were outside of both the OEM's values and the Water Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specifications (WIMES). A full energy efficiency refurbishment was recommended and accepted by the customer.

Individual components within the pump were cleaned, inspected, and tested with results recorded in a detailed condition report, with all issues found then addressed. The pump’s impeller, volute casing, and back wear plate were also coated with Belzona 1341 to reduce friction losses and improve the pump’s hydraulic efficiency

The Result

The pump was tested to numerous quality standards during its time in the workshop including BS EN ISO 9906:2012, IEC 60041, and ISO 5198/9. This gave the customer total confidence in the quality of the refurbishment work being carried-out.

As a result of the project, both the reliability and hydraulic efficiency of the pump unit have been significantly improved. This means that the power consumption of the pump has been reduced, bringing down the electricity costs for the customer.

Watch the video presentation of this case study:

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