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Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Hayley 24/7 & DMS Deliver Complex Engineering Services at Train Maintenance Depot

CS054 Hayley 247 _ DMS Deliver Complex Engineering Services at Train Maintenance Depot.pdfThe Situation

On behalf of Hayley North East, a Hayley 24/7 engineer attended a customer’s site to diagnose a concerning issue with an 8T twin-shaft extruder gearbox. The site visit determined that the unit needed prompt attention. However, it formed part of the main production line and would take 3 days to remove. As it happened, just days later, a primary bearing failure led to catastrophic gear damage and the breakdown of the unit.

The Solution

Team Hayley 24/7 responded by working days and nights to strip down this highly complex gearbox design whilst receiving guidance and vital help from the gearbox OEM. The inspection found gears to be badly damaged. Lamond & Murray, our ingroup precision gear manufacturing specialist, were called upon to urgently produce replacement spares. The lead time on the job was set at 4 weeks as major work was needed to completely overhaul and test the unit before reinstalling it on-site.

The Result

By working with the extruder gearbox OEM, Lamond & Murray, and also our DMS (CBM) division, Hayley 24/7 were able to combine the expertise and capabilities of all parties to overcome significant material and logistic challenges. As a result, the unit was delivered back to the customer’s site and reinstalled on the line by the promised date, at a significantly lower price than a contemporary replacement for the obsolete unit would have cost.

The pooling of skills from across the Hayley 24/7 Group enabled the customer to return their production line to operation within exceptional timescales, considering the amount of work required.

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