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Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Rapid Response Pumps

The Situation

The current fleet of rapid response pumps held by a UK water company were nearing the end of their asset life-cycle, and needed replacing. The pumps perform a critical function, as they are used by engineers attending burst mains or outage events to maintain supply of clean drinking water to affected customers. 

The Solution

The client had a number of specific design criteria which needed to be met. The replacement pumps needed to be of stainless-steel construction and have a WRAS-approved mechanical seal, safe for contact with potable water. The pumps were designed and manufactured in-house by the Hayley 24/7 team. Base plates were designed using in-house CAD software to satisfy measurements and strength, weight, and cooling requirements. The fabrication, machining, assembly and final testing processes were also completed at the Hayley 24/7 site.

The Result

Comprehensive testing was completed, which determined component integrity, flow rate, and outlet pressure were up to standard. The client was then supplied with the requested quantity, complete with WRAS-approved seals and drive engines from the proven Vanguard range. This range is available off-theshelf and therefore will allow any replacement to be sourced quickly.

The units have been proven by the customer to give improved efficiency and perform better with flow and pressure than their assets. This has resulted in the engines being able to operate at a reduced load, improving reliability and extending the lifespan of the pumps.  

The team now offers full product and service support to the customer.


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