Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd
Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Reverse Engineer Components

The Situation

The customer, a leading worldwide supplier of automotive interiors, was facing lengthy lead-times and limited support from the European OEM for their injection moulding plant and equipment spares.

With no drawings available, the client had previously been bound to long waiting times and fixed costs from the OEM.

The Solution

The team at Hayley 24/7 were given a window of opportunity during a production shutdown to reverse engineer a complete assembly of spares for the customer’s critical plant and equipment.

Using the latest CAD/ CAM Software, the team produced 3D Models and 2D manufacturing drawings to enable the manufacture of the critical spares. Using various measuring devices and techniques to include material hardness testing, Hayley 24/7 provided a complete turnkey project from design to manufacture.

The Result

The critical spares were manufactured within the customer’s budget constraints and within the required challenging time-frame.

Each component has been given a unique reference number which refers to the components 3D Model and 2D manufacture drawings for ease of identification and traceability. A critical spares manual has also been provided to help the identification process.

Unwanted operational downtime has been reduced with spares now readily available, with the support of local branch stockholding.

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