Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd
Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Electric Motor Services

The Hayley 247 Kings Lynn Service Centre has been described as a modern state of the art repair shop. 

We offer repairs on an extensive range of electrical units, such as: Motors, Pumps, Gearboxes, fans, brake motors, blower units and servo motors, amongst others. 

Our team carry over 90 years of experience within the electrical motor trade.

All electrical motors which enter the workshop will undergo a specific electrical test, where specialist equipment will test the unit’s windings in order to analyse performance and detects any faults. We also offer full pump testing: Wet end and submersible with 2 7000L test tanks.

If a unit requires a rewind we can guarantee the motor will be rewound to class F/H specification and similarly, if the unit requires overhauling we will always install premium bearings.

We promise a quality standard throughout the entire repair process. For every unit which our engineers inspect, we compose a detailed in depth report which contains photographic evidence of the repair requirements this is then sent to the customer – This ensures transparency and open communication between us and our customers.

In addition, we also offer site services; Laser alignment, condition monitoring, on site engineers to assist with shutdowns, removing of units and/or reinstallation. We also have the resources to collect/deliver units to and from site.

We also hold a large range of WEG motors in stock as well as a large range of RADICON and TEC geared units ready for rapid deployment.

Capabilities at Kings Lynn service centre

  • Collection to and from customer’s sites using our 1.2 tonne pay load flatbed truck fitted with 1 tonne Hiab lifting crane.
  • 24hr service 7days a week.
  • AC/DC motor repairs up 150kw at Kings Lynn and much larger unit can be service at our Dudley branch with their lifting capability of 50 tonnes.
  • Site services with a knowledgeable team that offer installation and/or removal of units whether it be an emergency or pre-planned, with in the team we can offer laser alignment, condition monitoring, motor analysing.

Two 7000L test tanks are used to prove that the seals, gaskets and O-rings are installed correctly. Providing our customers with the assurance that the pumps have been correctly repaired and are ready for immediate use.

Our new bespoke test bed made for fully testing bare shaft lobe pump plus pumps and gearboxes.


AC 132kw 4 pole 3ph motor in the process of being rewound with Class H insulation we also repair servo motor, slip ring motors along with DC motors.

Motor analyser

This can be used on site for fault finding any size motor complete with a full report that can be sent via e mail and printed by the customer.

New state of art burnt out oven. 

Gearbox going through its final checks before returning to the customer. 

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