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Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Pump Repair and Refurbishment

Hayley 247 offers an industry leading pump repair and refurbishment services

Pump Repair Dudley

We specialise in all pump repairs and refurbishments from a basic pump repair right through to a complete pump turnkey project, including full energy efficiency upgrade and refurbishment in accordance with the WIMES specification. We also have the capability to design and manufacture pump baseplates, pipework, and protective coatings all in-house to support our site removal, installation, commissioning, and pump performance testing services.

Pump Types

We can repair and refurbish all types of pumping equipment, from all manufacturers, including:

  • End-suction pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps
  • Boiler-feed pumps
  • Split-case pumps
  • Wet-end pumps
  • Submersible pumps

Pump Testing Facility

Our purpose-built facility enables us to complete both conventional and thermodynamic testing to verify hydraulic efficiency, flow, and head performance. Also, to monitor full FFT performance using wireless vibration sensors, before recording the results on our Asset Minder platform.

  • 2x 7000L test tanks for wet-end and submersible pumps.
  • Capable of 650m3/h @ 110m for end-suction, split-case, and multi-stage pump sets
  • Capable of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) on new assets
  • Optional live video stream of testing available to customers


Conventional (pressure - volume) method

BS EN ISO 9906:202

IEC 60041

ISO 5199

Thermodynamic (enthalpy - entropy) method

BS EN ISO 9906:202

IEC 60041

ISO 5198/9

Pump Centre 69527

Belzona-approved Coating Centre

Work is carried out in a specially-designed and controlled environment for the application of Belzona WRAS-approved efficiency, abrasion, and chemical-resistant coatings. All coatings are applied in accordance with the relevant ISO Standard; ISO 5802.

Hayley 247 - the three stage evaluation and reporting process

Stage 1

A detailed report which includes photographic evidence of all component parts will be completed and submitted to the customer. 

Stage 2

Every repair enquiry will entail a careful examination of the Pump and its component parts by skilled Hayley 247 engineer. A document detailing this analysis together with any recommendations will be prepared and submitted to the customer.

Stage 3

A repair quotation will be created which itemises all parts to be replaced, plus labour and carriage costs involved with each repair. This working practice implemented by Hayley 247 enables customers to see and record all proposed work at all stages of the pump repair and refurbishment process. 

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Next steps:

To discuss your pump repair and refurbishment requirements contact one of our expert team today on 0845 30 40 247 or email sales@hayley247.co.uk.

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