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Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Quick diagnosis ensures delays in production were kept to a minimum

The Challenge

Industrial Gearbox RepairSomers Forge is one of Europe's leading open die forgemasters, working with a variety of materials ranging from carbon steel through to super alloys and specialised non-ferrous alloys.  One of the two main drive gearboxes on the 35 tonne manipulator had sheared its output shaft, preventing any further use within the production cycle. This resulted in lost production at an estimated £700 per/hour.

The Solution

Hayley 247 having supported Somers Forge over a number of projects was requested to investigate the possibilities of repair. Both drive gearboxes were removed and returned to Hayley 247's engineering facility for stripping and a more detailed inspection. The initial repair comprised of the manufacture of a replacement splined drive shaft and salvage of the drive sprocket by the fitting of a splined sleeve in the bore. The gearbox rebuild was completed with replacement bearings and seals. Hayley 247's expert team worked around the clock to ensure delays in Somers Forge's production process were kept to an absolute minimum.

The Result

Initial repairs enabled production to resume within requested timescales and Somers Forge to fulfil its orders with minimal delays. 
Subsequently both gearboxes on the 35 tonne manipulator were returned to Hayley 247's engineering facility during a scheduled
maintenance programme. Further work was undertaken to rectify issues identified with both gearbox cases during the initial inspection.
Re-machining and plating of the joint faces, re-boring and facing of the bearing housing ensured both cases were to original manufacturer tolerances.

  • Downtime cost - estimated £700 per/hour 
  • Follow up scheduled maintenance

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