Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd
Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Essential around the clock work ensures production line is back on track

Tata SteelThe Challenge

Tata Steel Tubes in Corby, a leading manufacturer of hot finished and cold formed welded steel tubular products had an unexpected failure of the slitting plants' uncoiler drive assembly. The assembly included a 3 Phase electric motor, reduction gearbox and a hydraulically actuated mandrel assembly, all located on a fabricated base frame.

The Solution

Hayley 247's expert team of fitters, fabricators and machinists were immobilised late Friday afternoon to receive and diagnose on-going faults. The fault was found to be a broken backing plate on the uncoiler drive assembly. This had caused considerable wear to the mandrel shaft and the gearbox output bearing housing. The mandrel hydraulic cylinder was refurbished, the gearbox serviced with the mandrel shaft and backing plate reclaimed.

The Result

Come Monday afternoon the assembly was ready to be put back into operation. Prompt collection, speedy diagnosis and regular communication ensured costly manufacturing downtime was kept to an absolute minimum for the client.

  • Assembly weight - approx. 8 tonnes 
  • OEM - Mannesman Demag 
  • Downtime cost - £2,000 per hour

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