Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd
Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

Expert Knowledge and first-class service reduces the requirement for costly OEM replacements

The Challenge

Industrial Gearbox RepairThamesteel Limited in Sheerness, Kent is a company engaged in the manufacturing of steel (billets and rolling), wirerods and rebars of various grades and sizes. An external lubrication system that fed two gearboxes on a four strand continuous billet casting machine had become water contaminated. This caused a costly loss in production with the prospect of OEM replacement costs totalling into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Solution

Both of the strand gearboxes were subsequently removed and sent to Hayley 247's engineering facility for strip down, detailed inspection and overhaul. Utilising Hayley 247's modern 25,000 sq. ft engineering facility in Dudley, West Midlands both of the strand gearboxes were well within the 50 tonne capacity. All bearings and oil seals were replaced, with the lubrication pipework thoroughly cleaned and additional components replaced as required. Seal journals were also reclaimed using the latest coating techniques with the gear casings cleaned and repainted.

The Result

Facilitated by regular communication between the two parties, expert knowledge and project management both units were available for operation within the request timescale. This enabled Thamesteel to resume production and avoid the need for costly OEM replacement.

  • Gearbox weights - 14.4 to 16.5 tonnes
  • OEM replacement cost - estimated £300,000

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